Have amateur radio operators in the West Valley City area be prepared with procedures and equipment to communicate with one another, the city, and county in a disaster, even if the telephones are not working.  Jointly plan and drill with the City to be prepared.

Promote amateur radio in the West Valley City area.  Some of the actives that might promote amateur radio are weekly nets, drills, meetings, table top exercises, classes, workshops, field days, and communication service for events.

2019 Goals

  • Implement system to assign operators to Fires Stations - Completed
  • Have a Monthly Net Focus - In Progress
  • Have a Net where operations check in from their assigned Fire Station or Schools
  • Monthly in person meeting
  • Training of Packet Messaging - December
  • Encourage operators to complete the following NIMS courses in order.  The can be found here: http://training.fema.gov/is/nims.aspx
    • IS-100.b
    • IS-200.b
    • IS-700.a
    • IS-800.b
  • Participate in a Public Events

Members consist of amateur radio operators in West Valley City and friends when when they have checked into the net at least twice and continue to check in at least monthly.