We are working on mobilization plans.  Our plans are still very much unsettled.  However, a few principals seem to be floating to the surface as the way we should mobilize.

In a disaster each individual needs to pitch in and help as they can.  Radio operators need to get on the air as soon as they can.  Radio operators would need to see to the well being of their own family and close neighbors, then begin to self mobilize.

In a disaster regular means of communication may be overlaoded or incapicated.  Remenber that phone text messaging can often get through where voice will not.

Go to a predetermined frequency to see who else is on the air.  _______ MH???  If no one is heard, begin to ask for a response.
Establish commnication with other operators.

Go to the front of the Granite School District elementary school whoes boundaries you live in.  Be there to transmit for people and to receive information for people.  This school may also become the staging location for CERT activity.

Try to arrange with other hams to have 24/7 coverage.  Have an assistant to keep a log, take messages and pass on messages.  Have message runners and/or FRS operators to pass on information.

The first priority of the Fire
The city will want to know how much damage has been done, casulties, availability of water, electricity, gas, fire, etc.