Saturday, November 12, 2016

Fire Drill!

For Thursday's Net (11/17/2016) we are asking that you go to the fire station you selected in the Operator Portal.  Unless you are invited in, you will just meet in front of the building or parking lot, whichever is most convenient and out of the way.  I know this goes without saying, but please be respectful of the property and of the people who work there.  The fire stations are aware that you are coming.

If you have not assigned yourself a station please go to, register and select a station.  This is a great opportunity to make sure your go kit is ready for possible deployment and that you are able to communicate effectively.  This will also give us an idea of what communications challenges we may need to address in the future.  This Net will be conducted over our simplex frequency which is 147.580 Mhz.  We will also be monitoring our normal Net frequency of 146.700 Mhz, negative offset 100 hz tone.  Hope to hear from each of you!

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