Wednesday, April 18, 2018

April 21st Drill Instructions and Resources

First off thank you for all those who have signed up to participate in the April 21st Drill.  The goal of the drill is to check in from each of the 31 elementary schools in West Valley City.  The drill starts at 10:00 AM.   Net Control will be online by that time.  We will be operating on our simplex frequency which is 147.58 Mhz.  Net Control will be operating from City Hall.  Relay stations will be setup at Fire Stations 74 and 73.  Net Control will start with a quick check in to verify which operators are participating.

Once you arrive at a location you need to follow steps below.

  1. Prepare a short message using the FEMA ICS-213 form found here: ICS-213 Form
  2. Contact Net Control and let them know of your location.  When asked relay your message
  3. Wait for Net Control to dispatch you to your next location

The current deployment roster can be found here: Deployment Roster

You will notice that an order has been set as to which school you should go to first.

Following the drill you are all invited to come to City Hall to check out the new communications trailer.

If you are unable to participate please let me know ASAP so I can make alternative arrangements.  If your name is not on the roster and you would like to participate also let me know.


Mat Murdock

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