Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Winlink Wednesday FAQ

I am putting this together to answer a few questions that I may have glossed over regarding Winlink Wednesday.

Question: When do I check-in?
Answer: Anytime on Wednesday.  There is not a specific time.

Question: What software do I use?
Answer:  You can use any Winlink client you want.  Here is a link to them: https://winlink.org/ClientSoftware.  If you are a Windows user then RMS Express is the easiest.  We will be showing people how to use one called PAT.  It is web based so you can use anything with a browser.

Question: How do I check-in?
Answer: Just send a message over RF.  Information is below.

To: k2wvc@winlink.org.
Subject: WVCARC Winlink Net Check-in.
Message: call sign, first name, city or town, state (HF, VHF, UHF) and mode.

An example of the message would be: K2MJM, Mat, West Valley City, UT VHF

Question: How do I hook up my TNC to my Radio and Computer
Answer: Send me an email directly or bring your equipment to the next in-person meeting and we will get you hooked up.

Question: Why are we doing this?
Answer: We want to make sure that everyone knows how to use the packet network we have setup for the city.  Nothing does this better then actually using the system.

Question:  What frequency should I use.
Answer:  145.050 Mhz simplex will be where our node is.

Question: What is the station I should connect to.
Answer: Ours is called K2WVC-10

Question: This is awesome!  Do you need help?
Answer: I would love help with this.  Shoot me an email at mat.murdock@wvcarc.com.

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