Wednesday, June 3, 2020

UVARC Presentation "The Ham Police"

I received the following email from Noji Ratzlaff KNØJI

This Thursday, June 4 at 6:30 pm, you are invited to a special meeting of the Utah Valley Amateur Radio Club.  The topic this time is "The Ham Police," being presented by special guests Brett Sutherland (N7KG) and Riley  Hollingsworth (K4ZDH), former FCC Special Counsel for ARRL and the Amateur Auxiliary.

All ham radio clubs and organizations are hereby invited to join us in this historic meeting via live-stream on our YouTube channel. You'll be able to enter questions in the comments area on YouTube, and they'll be relayed to the presenters. The link to the YouTube channel is:

Or just do a search on YouTube for "utah valley amateur radio club" The live stream will automatically appear on the channel when it starts.

The ARRL had planned to present this topic at Dayton, to the masses, but as you know the Hamvention was canceled. So, when the ARRL caught wind that UVARC was planning to present this topic in a monthly club meeting, they asked whether they can invite all clubs in the Utah ARRL Section to the meeting, and we approved. Hence, the special arrangement. Hams all over Utah will be invited to our "club meeting" this Thursday, so they could hear first-hand about the new Amateur Auxiliary program, which supersedes the now-retired Official Observer program.

We only hope it's enough notice. If you could, please forward the above YouTube link to your members at your earliest convenience.

Hopefully this is of some interest to some of you. 

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