Monday, December 4, 2017

Club Officer Nominations

Image result for ballotPart of getting organized involves voting in club officers. We are looking to fill the following positions:

President, Vice President, Secretary, Net Coordinator, Education and Training Coordinator

Duties of each position can be found in the preliminary bylaws found here.

Tenure is normally two years.  However since this is the first year, President and Secretary will be for one year initially before elections are re held.  If you are interested in running for one of these positions or if you would like to nominate an individual for a position please send an email to

Nominees must be 18 or older, licensed in amateur radio, and be members in good standing of
the WVCARC and be aware of the responsibilities listed above in the by-laws for the respective
officer position. There are no term limits for any offices. Anyone of these individuals can
nominate themselves in addition to being nominated by a member of the WVCARC. Nominees
do not have to be present at the January meeting. The email option nominating window closes 24
hours before the January monthly face-to-face meeting. All nominee must accept their
nomination before voting occurs.

The email nominating option window will open when the notice for solicitations for nominees is
released. Email nominations will be sent to If a member nominates someone
by email, it is that nominating member's duty to also copy that nominee in the email to the

Election results will be determined by the majority of votes cast. Voting may occur by ballot or
by a show of hands. Only members of the WVCARC may cast a vote and have to be present at
the January meeting. No proxy voting will be allowed.

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