Friday, April 19, 2019

Final Thoughts Before The Excersise

I know it is late, but here are some last minute thoughts and facts before the drill.  West Valley City, has a population of around 138,359 people.  The population density is 3839.59 people/mi², with a household density of 1088.86 people/mi². (Source)  It is the 2nd largest city in Utah.  Salt Lake City is number 1 with 200,662 people.  By summer we will have six operating Fire Stations.  Many if not most of the fire fighters do not live in West Valley City.  At any one given time there are about 30 on duty fire fighters.  That means in the event of a wide spread disaster there will be one fire fighter for every 4,611 people. 

Basically, what I am trying to say is, they are going to be pretty busy and they will need to manage their finite resources efficiently.  I often tell people I am only as good as the information I am given.  This also applies in an emergency.  The skill set we bring to the table is the ability to send and receive information effectively.  The better the communication, the better the decisions.  The better the decisions, the better service and in the end this saves lives.

The way we become better is by flexing our communication muscles through exercises like the one Saturday.  Not only will each of you learn something new, but as an organization we will become stronger. Of equal importance, our relationship with our served agency will be strengthened.  I also find these exercises are also fun.  I hope each of you do as well.

Now for some final instructions.  I will be on the repeater around 8:00 AM if anyone needs me.  If your call sign is not found on the roster and you would like to help out please contact me there.  The more the merrier.  For those that are unable to participate, it is Easter weekend after all, feel free to monitor the repeater during the drill.  The NET will start probably a little before 10:00 AM.   Wait for instructions before checking in.

That is about it for now, remember some extra batteries and try to get some sleep.


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