Saturday, April 20, 2019

Saturday's Exercise Results

First off, a special thanks to all those who participated in our drill Saturday, KF7HXA, AC7GU, AE3DC, K0WTD, K2AGE, K2MJW, K7CJB, KA7MMM, KE7AET, KF7HXA, KF7QBW, KF7YOL, W7RZR, KB6EMA and KI7IHU.  I am grateful for Cole and Dave from West Valley City for allowing us to operate from the city's communication trailer.  Things worked out very well.

Operators were able to check in from all 35 schools in West Valley City, as well as all Fire Stations.  Most check-ins at the Fire Stations utilized the onsite radio and a Winlink message was also transmitted.  Every check-in was recorded on a paper ICS-213 form and then type into a Winlink ICS-213 form that was later transmitted via the packet network.  We were able to do all this in 1 hour 20 min which  is amazing.

It was great to see everyone become more proficient in checking in at their various location as they completed their assignments.  Listening to everyone's experiences afterwords was fantastic.  I think it is safe to say that everyone learned something.

I look forward to next years exercise.  For those that were unable to participate, I encourage you to sign up to help with at least one of the many events held this year.  You will learn things that you can find in no other place.



We used a WVC issued Kenwood TM-D700a that is mounted in a Pelican case.  We ran off of the internal battery.

Emma (KB6EMA) entered the paper ICS-213 forms into Winlink

Outside view of the communications trailer.

First time using the solar panels.  They were connected to a Goal Zero Yeti 1400 which was then plugged into the trailer.

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