Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tonight's Training: The Nuclear EMP

Tonight's training came from this book:

A Few Links:

This was mentioned in the handbook as well:

There is also a fictional book, based on all that is known about EMP. These facts are woven into a story, and provides a realistic view of what would happen in a community if such an event were to take place. The name of the book is One Second After, authored by William R. Forstchen.

Formal Message Traffic - Observations

So I thought we all learned a lot from the exercise of passing formal message traffic. I learned a couple of things that I'd like to illustrate here.

1. Pro - Forma:

as was pointed out during the net the message that I passed did not follow the Standard  ARRL Radio Gram Form.

You will note that the Radio gram has some more information the the FEMA ICS-213 does not.
for instance there is no Check number on a FEMA form.

You will also note that the Radio Gram also only uses 25 Words, Where the ICS-213 is more free form. I would like to see at least the check number on the ICS-213 form so you know if you got al the message.

2. Speak Slower -  I learned that I have to pass this traffic a lot slower so that people can copy it. including slowing down. also reminder to ask for fills int he middle of the message so that everyone can keep up.

Well that is what I learned, please comment below on the thing that you learned from the formal traffic passing.

Thanks guys

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

This weeks Training - Formal message traffic

OK, guys we will be doing a training exercise this week we will be talking about and doing some practice on formal message traffic. We will discuss the way it is handled and how we as communicators will be part of this.

You will need a few things:

1. A copy of the ICS-213 form, this is a FEMA form and is almost universally recognized in emergency communications.

2. A good sharp pencil.

3. Headphones (optional)

Be prepared to copy a message this Thursday and again at least once a month this year.

hopefully we can make this a fun exercise.

Friday, January 8, 2016

2016 WVCARC Goals

Last night's net focused on setting goals for this year.  This is what was suggested.

  • Implement system to assign operators to schools
  • Have a Monthly Net Focus
  • Have a Net where operations check in from their assigned schools
  • Quarterly in person meeting
  • Training of messaging
  • Encourage operators to complete the following NIMS courses found here:
    • IS-100.b
    • IS-700.a
    • IS-200.b
    • IS-800.b
  • Participate in 3 West Valley Public Events

If you have any ideas comment below.