Thursday, November 8, 2018

Saturday's In Person Meet Location Change

Image result for location changeDue to a scheduling conflict we are moving the in person meeting to Monticello Academy at 2782 South Corporate Park Drive, West Valley City.  Please enter through the North entrance and then follow the signs.  See you Saturday at 9:00 AM.


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Saturday In Person Meet Topic - Let's Get That TNC Working FINALLY

Image result for ham radio buildSo this Saturday the plan is to meet at Station 74 at 9:00 AM for two purposes.  One is to get that fancy new TNC you made six months ago hooked up to your radio and computer and the second is to give you hands on experience with Winlink.  Why the big rush you ask?  Well in the next 1 - 2 month we will have our West Valley City packet node installed at Fire station 76 as well as our shiny new repeater up and running,  Woot Woot!  Soooo, we need to make sure each and everyone of you are ready to go.

To help with getting your on the air I will have DB9 connectors for the TNC and 3.5 mm audio jacks, and RJ-45 ends, as well as some cable to connect it all up.  You will will need to bring a soldering iron, your radio, and a few bucks for the connectors to keep my wife happy.  Also bring your TNC and a laptop if you got it.  If you are all setup GREAT!, come and help others get their gear together.  Should be a fun morning and the results will benefit everyone.

If you didn't have a chance to build a TNC I will have them available as well.  $45 for the TNC and $8 for the case.

Any questions, let me know,


Tuesday, October 23, 2018

ARES/ RACES Workshop

Bob Craven, N7GTE, has asked me to send out a reminder about the ARES/ RACES Workshop that will be held on Saturday, 3 November 2018. Check-ins will begin Saturday morning at 0800 and the training will begin at 0900. The Work shop will be at a new location this year, 195 N 1950 W, Salt Lake City, (Multi Agency State Office Building/Environment Quality Building) Registration for this event will be different than in the past, please use , search for the ARES/RACES workshop on 3 Nov. We request that all registrations be submitted no later than Monday, 29 October. This is so the meals can be ordered for the free lunch that will be provided. Also we encourage you to register as soon as you can because there will be a limit on how many seats will be available.

Contact Bob Craven, N7GTE, for more info if you have questions.

Monday, October 8, 2018

In Person Meet - Car Go Kit

Our in person meet this month will be this Saturday the 13th at 9:00 AM at Station 74.  We will be talking about Go Kits.

Below is a curated list of items that will fit into a Ammo Can style container.  We will be going over these Saturday.  I think everything is Amazon Prime eligible, so if you hurry you can have them for Saturday.

Ammo Can -
AA Battery Holders -
First Aid Kit -
Flashlight -
Multi Tool -
FM / NOAA Radio -

Radio - You choose your own based on budget
Radio Manual -
Roll Up J-Pole - Made by club
Survival Bracelet - Made by club
Field Operations Manual - Coming Soon

Other Items
Water, Energy Bars, Gloves, Hat, Matches, Paper, Pencil/Pen

This is just the start of your kit so you can add more stuff to it.  Got anything else you want to add to the list?  Reply to this post.


Sunday, October 7, 2018

Club Repeater Update

Ok, time for a Club repeater update.  We have received our frequency pair for the repeater that we are planning on installing at Station 76.  A special thank you goes out the the Utah VHF Society for getting for finding an open pair.  Our frequency is 448.800 Mhz with a negative negative offset.  Jason and I climbed up on the roof of 76 Friday and played around with some different locations and the station looks to be a great location for us.  We were actually able to contact someone in Ogden of 5 watts simplex.  Not bad at all.   
We are looking for some non penetrating roof antenna mounts like the one below.  If anyone knows were we can find some used ones or a local source of them let us know.  We will send out an announcement as we get closer to the install date.

Easy Up Non-Penetrating Roof Mount (EZ-NP-60-125)

Saturday, September 29, 2018

WVCARC Logo Contest

We are looking for a new logo.  The current logo is OK, but doesn't work very well for being put on apparel.  So, we are going to hold a Logo Contest.  The contest will run until November 1st.  The logo needs to meet the following requirements

  • Images used must be copyright free
  • Must look good when in color, grey scale, and black and white.  You may submit version of the logo for each each print type.
  • Must be able to be embroidered onto clothing.  Basically really thing lines and small type don't work well.
  • Should have Armature Radio and West Valley elements to it.
Please submit your logo to

After the deadline WVCARC officers will evaluate the submitted logos and will choose the winner.  The person whose logo is chosen will receive a WVCARC jacket.

If you have any questions regarding the contest or would like something clarified please email us at the above address.

Good Luck!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Station 75 up and running

Saturday a few of our members met and finished setting up Fire Station 75's radios.  This puts us at a halfway mark on this project.  Stations 73, 74, and 75 are ready to go. 71 and 72 are still under construction and 76 is in the planning stages.  Special thanks to all those that have worked on these projects.  In the upcoming months we are planning an activity where we activate all available stations to very everything is working a designed.