Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Bear Lake Monster Gran Fondo bike ride on 9/24 -- Operators Needed

The Bear Lake Monster Gran Fondo bike ride on 9/24 is still looking for operators.  Rest stop and SAG operators are still needed for the event.   Operators can sign up at or go to and click on the Bear Lake Monster link. 

Just over a week away from this year's Bear Lake Monster Gran Fondo on September 24th. We will be needing all positions filled, so we are looking for folks to be Net Control, Rest Stop Comms, SAG drivers, Motorcycle Leads and Bicycle based Ride Marshals...  This could be one of the best event to work on before the end of the year.

--Thanks Roger AE7RG

Training topic for 9/15/2016

We're taking the curtain aside. You'll get a behind-the-

scenes look at what it means to be net control. What

special powers do these people have, and what do they know

that you don't?

Please have a Pencil and Paper at the ready as this will help with the training.

see you then,


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What happens when the repeater goes down?

August 1st training was on what to when the repeater goes down.  Below were some notes related to that discussion.

  • Why do we have repeaters?
    • Increase Range
    • Save power by lowering TX output
    • Get over the mountain
  • What do we do when a repeater is down?
    • Use the transmit frequency of the repeater.
      • 147.600 Mhz
    • Range is limited
    • Relay’s will be necessary
  • How can you be better prepared?
    • Have a external antenna
      • Roll Up J-Pole
      • Mag Mount
      • Roof Antenna
    • Have a radio with higher output
      • Handhelds are about 5 watts
      • Mobiles average about 50 watts
    • Be prepared to relay a message
      • Know how to relay
      • Paper
      • Pencil
      • Headphones
      • Map
    • Now how to operate your radio
      • Be able to take off the offset
    • Have a secondary frequency