Thursday, April 7, 2016

Some Basics about Solar Power

Power is created from sunlight by capturing some of the particles of light called Photons in a material that releases free electrons in response to these photons.  These materials are called Photovoltaic materials” or just PV.

The power created by these Photovoltaic devices, often called “solar panels”, is a mere fraction of the actual energy hitting the panel, due to our inability to adequately convert or capture this energy. That still leaves a lot of energy to be used, however!

One of the most challenging aspects of using this power is that it is only there while we are getting exposed to sunlight. We have to store it somewhere, and that is why we have to use some kind of battery in our solar power systems.

The amount of light hitting the earth and by extension, the solar panel, is referred to as “Solar Irradiance” and is measured in Watts per Square Meter.

Typical Solar Power Components
  • Solar Panel
  • Connector Box
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • Batteries

Optional Items

  • Remote Monitor
  • Inverter for AC Power

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