Thursday, March 22, 2018

Valley Wide Drill

This April 21st we have the opportunity to participate in a Salt Lake Valley wide drill.  The goal is to have Amateur radio operators check in from each and every elementary school in our city limits.  This will be a challenging task as there are 29 schools, however I am confident we can do this.

Before the drill we will make assignments largely based on what elementary school you choose on the Operator Panel.  In the past you were only able to select fire stations.  That has changed.  You can now select schools in addition to your fire stations, so stop reading and go do that now.  :)

A few days before the drill we will email out assignments.  At 10:00 AM we will start check-ins.  Based on where people check in we may make additional assignments for operators to go and check in from another school.  We need to complete this drill by 10:45 AM.  Following the the drill the plan is to meet at City Hall where you will be able to tour the new communication trailer the city has put together.

This is a simple drill, but it will show us and the city what we are capable of doing.  So for now the assignment for each of you is to get on the Operator Portal and get select your school.  If you have any additional questions let me know.


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