Monday, April 13, 2020

April 18th Drill Information

This April 18th we have the opportunity to participate once again in a Salt Lake Valley wide drill.  The goal is to have Amateur radio operators check in from each and every elementary school and Fire Station in our city limits.  We are expanding the drill again to allow check-ins via Winlink Packet.  This will be a challenging task as there are 29+ schools and 6 Fire Stations.  This is the third year we have done this drill, the past two years we have been successful.

Before the drill we will make assignments largely based on what elementary school you choose on the Operator Panel.  You can select schools in addition to your fire stations, so stop reading and go do that now.  :)  This needs to be completed by Thursday night we we can get the assignments posted Friday.
Please also fill out his form so we know who all will be able to participate.

At 10:00 AM we will start voice check-ins and share final drill check-ins at that time.  You can check-in two different ways, the first is by voice utilizing our repeater frequency, 448.80 Mhz.  The second is by Winlink packet.   Please utilize one of the three packet frequencies which can be found on our website.  You will send check ins to K2WVC and use the ICS-213 form.  Based on where people check in, we may make additional assignments for operators to go and check in from another school.  We need to complete this drill by 11:00 AM.  Because you will not need to make physical contact with anyone this drill will satisfy current advisories.  We will NOT meet together after the drill as we have done in the past.

This is a simple drill, however it does allow us to it will show us and the city what we are capable of doing.  So for now the assignment for each of you is to get on the Operator Portal and get select your school.  If you have any additional questions let me know.


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