Friday, May 20, 2016

Real Life Test - I saw that going differently in my head

So last night, My wife and I were setting in our room talking as we prepared for bed. Out side the window the wind was blowing and it was raining. On the horizon I saw several flashes through the trees....and then the power went out. Plunged into complete darkness I thought, "Oh well my go bag is right here I will grab my flash light", a tactical Streamlight microstream LED flashlight. I clicked the button and it comes to life bringing the room to a dim glow, and then darkness........ I click the button again, no change. the AAA battery had given it's all, and in my time of need. OK, no problem I have a replacement battery in my Go bag. I remove the spent cell and add the new one. "Click" the switch says as I turn it on, however, the experience was very similar. "NUTS" I grumble as I look for another battery, rummaging through my pouch. Nothing I pull out the Power Pax Battery holder which holds AA cells, but could not find any AAA cells. "NUTS".

I felt frustrated and a little foolish

My wife made her way by cell phone to the Kitchen to find the plugin emergency flashlight, and returned. I felt frustrated and a little foolish. Here I was someone who thought was prepared to deal with situations like this, only to be thwarted by my own shortsightedness. I had no charged batteries or a backup light source.

I went to bed. As I lay in the dark I took stock of the situation. Was I prepared for long term situation? What if the call came for operators? I turned on my radio to the Ensign Peak Repeater and the UARC Fansworth repeater and listened. I checked on my family. They slept peacefully.

No call came, but what if it had? Would you be ready?

No call came, but what if it had? Would you be ready? I was not, even though I thought I was.

Are "YOU" Ready? The news, local reported 82K people without power for over 6 hours. What if it had been longer, say 3 days. What would the response by local government, local church leaders, and individuals. Would your family be OK?

While this incident for me was fine, short of being in the dark for a minute, and most people just slept through it. It gives a person pause to think what if?

So in the comments I would like to hear about you experience with this event, and if it were longer, what would you do?

--Jason Bailey


  1. I jumped on our neighborhood frequency and nobody came back. Did the same as you, grabbed the flashlight out of my bag, however it came on. One thing I decided long ago was to standardize on a battery size, in my case AA's.